The 5 Fittest CEOs of Health Companies

Staying healthy is a state of mind. Many are conscious of the benefits of staying fit and healthy but are not too keen on doing much about it. One of the biggest and common excuses you will hear is the lack of time.

Profession And Health

When one reaches a stage in life where they need to focus on their career or profession, more often than not, people tend to forget about their health and let is take a back seat. Their focus is on their career.

If one is starting or running a business, the chances of doing anything other than business are very remote. This is because starting and running a successful business is definitely not easy and it consumes almost all of your productive time. When you are not working, all you want to do is either sleep or rest because that is how much running a business can take out of you.

As years go by, the business will improve and you get older. Only then do you realize your health has paid the price for your career’s success. Sometimes this can be attended to right away; at times it can be a little too late to do much about your health condition.

Staying Fit Helps

People believe exercising or spending time on self to ensure they are fit and healthy is a waste of time as one can spend an hour extra at work rather than spending it in the gym. On the contrary, staying healthy and fit helps you perform better at work.

Health companies are no different to other companies when it comes to the CEOs focusing more on the business rather than spending quality time on themselves. However, today may have become conscious of their health and are trying to stay fit.

5 of the fittest CEOs of different health companies are:

  • Loehr – Co-founder of Human Performance Institute
  • Chris Boyce – CEO of Virgin Health Care
  • Damian McKinney – CEO McKinney Rogers
  • Anil Ambani – CEO Reliance Health
  • Julie Rice & Elizabeth Cutler – CEOs Soul Cycle