Men Become More Dominant In The Workplace With Less Hair

The top leaders of the business industry understand that the last thing that they have got to worry about is their balding. They would rather be taller than have a head full of hair that will not fetch them an instant recognition that a hairless head might have actually offer. CEOs of billion dollar companies are reportedly heard stating how thinning hair is a sign of the brain doing more important things. In other words, it is likely to be a sign of success.

Balding and Dominance

The CEO of a billion dollar company ought to have a striking personality and ought to be demanding of his colleagues, co-workers and team members. It is by sheer hard work and determination that an upper hand in the system is successfully achieved. Quite contrary to the belief that balding or gradual hair loss could impede success, business leaders feel that it could actually be advantageous to your personal branding.

Balding enhances approachability. In any company, the markers of success are efficiency and productivity. A leader or a manager who is successful at building a personality that is a perfect balance of intimidation and effectiveness can actually get a lot more done and statistics show that most successful leaders are either bald or balding.

Stress and Less Hair

Needless to say, stress contributes a good deal to hair loss and while balding is often considered a genetic condition, one cannot deny the stress factor. Most company leaders and owners face very stressful situations owing to the roles and responsibilities that they are supposed to carry out. However, the one who emerges out of these situations with flying colours is the one who gets the trophy.

Not everyone needs to encourage balding though. Managerial responsibilities are also a lot about other strengths and if you are not comfortable with losing hair, you can visit the Glasgow Hair Clinic to restore your hair back to health.