Businesses Services On A Tight Budget

Is it not a great blessing to leave your typical 9-5 job and start something of your own? If this has been your dream for a very long time then do not think a lot and venture into business. Also if you are worried that you would have to shell out a bomb to get that business started, then look at SimplyMaid. There are some businesses today that cost you hardly anything.


If you have knowledge in a specific area then you could definitely start your own consulting business. You could be a consultant in any field and choose the niche you want to help the clients ‘on. You could opt to teach technology or may even provide legal advice. Since you already have the knowledge required, all that you need to spend money on is marketing and networking. You would also have to sell some amount of money to publish your visiting card and to have your own company banner. Once done you are ready to go ahead.


Online business is a huge craze today and customers are now eager to order everything online. Be it ordering pizza, grocery or clothes, the online business has captured the market in a big way. In the initial day’s clients lacked the confidence, but today the scenario is different. So why not start a door to door delivery business. You could get into a partnership with many established business and take over their delivery section. Or you could start your own shop and start delivery on that.

Tour guide

If you live in a place which is major tourist attraction then becoming a tour guide is a great option. All that you need is to know about the place and about the history of the popular tourist destinations. You could start a website or print your own cards to start.

You could look at these business ideas that are very cheap to start and if executed well offer you huge returns.